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Radiotracker - Recording Webradio and convert to MP3

verify.jpg (854 bytes) Legal and unlimited download of music.
verify.jpg (854 bytes) More then 8000 Internet radio stations on the SHOUTCAST audio streaming network
verify.jpg (854 bytes) Includes the use of ID-3 tags
verify.jpg (854 bytes) Automatically removing adverts and jingles
verify.jpg (854 bytes) Fading between tracks 

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Get your free radiotracker download now.

About Radiotracker
Radiotracker is designed to work with your DSL broadband connection to download hundreds of music tracks for you fast!

And there is no per-track purchase price! If you have a 100% flatrate, you do not even have to pay the download costs! Fast and easy to use! Try it now for free! Even your granny could do it!

Simply select one of 19 genres and press the Start button.

Starts without limitation and downloads the tracks you want from more than 8,000 Internet radio stations. Comfortable control! Radiotracker can also be used with a time or volume control.

Automatically normalization of tracks to create a music compilation at a uniform volume.

The fade function is just as simple to use and ensures a cool start and finish to every track. Select the music genre, push the Start button, wait a few moments short while and then enjoy the music that is what Radiotracker is about! Maximum functions, minimum price!



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Get your free radiotracker download now.

Feature-rich, incredible price
- 19 music genres (Dance/House, Pop, Rap, Rock, Techno, Metal, Jazz, 80s, 70s, R&B, etc.).
- More than 8000 Internet radio stations worldwide. MP3 music format. D3-tag compatible
- Normalization (all music tracks are recorded at a uniform volume).
- Music filter (no ads or jingles).
- Fade (smoothes out the beginning and end of each track).
- Perfect quality through minimum bit rate.
- No duplicate music tracks (control of the stored music tracks.
- The best possible version is always saved).
- Full control of bandwidth utilization.
- Control recording according to time and memory requirements.


The world’s top-selling software for targeted recordings from web radio stations

The leading market research institute has confirmed that Radiotracker is the top-selling recording program for web radio stations. Radiotracker is also the best-seller in retail outlets in the UK, France and Japan. Radiotracker is available in several languages and, due to its worldwide circulation online, it is the most popular Internet radio recorder around.

Mentioned more internationally and rated higher than any other software of its kind

For years now, trade journalists have confirmed that Radiotracker and its one of a kind wishlists can simultaneously monitor thousands of radio stations and that Radiotracker provides the best alternative for getting music from Internet radio stations fast, free, legal and with minimal effort. Due to its unparalleled PerfectRadio technology, Radiotracker can record all the radio stations around the world and edit them in the highest possible quality. Radiotracker has convinced trade journalists and wowed experts in every test with its unique features, comprehensive additional functions and high degree of user friendliness.

Radiotracker runs on USB-sticks and mobile devices

Radiotracker can be used directly on a USB-stick and delivers media for all mobile devices. Radiotracker delivers music for your PC, netbook, cell phone, iPod, mp3 player, multimedia player, PS3, PSP, Xbox and PDA.

  System Requirements

- 600 MHz CPU

- Microsoft Windows
- Microsoft Windows MediaPlayer 9


downloadsecurenow.jpg (19630 bytes)

Get your free radiotracker download now.


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